An important note & word of warning

In the presence of many hiking/outdoor itineraries provided to guests, the hiker, ecotourism enthusiast or adventure seeker is overwhelmed with  many options to choose from. In the search for new and innovative eco-adventure oriented itineraries in Jordan, I’ve revamped an old existing trail – perhaps a few thousand years old trail – to Petra. Yes, there are many people out there who claim to run a Trek to Petra, but few have proven themselves in the field and have the capability, knowledge, experience and command of the outdoors to be able to orchestrate such a unique itinerary. So to all of you out there who are looking for a unique hike beware:
-    Itineraries that are not led by a licensed guide
-    Itineraries that include hiking on tarmac and dirt roads, not through beautiful landscape or terrain
-    Walking in such terrain without a properly trained and certified guide with backcountry experience who is carrying a SAT phone for emergencies. Following a route that is covered by a normal phone signal means you are following a route that is not unique and easily accessible to anyone.
Typically these itineraries above are much cheaper to run and orchestrate, but of course at the cost of the experience you have in Jordan!