Nia & Mick

Dear Yamaan,
It already seems a long time ago, after just 2 days back at work and 4 days of rain, that we were with you in Jordan. Both Mick & I felt really down for a couple of days after getting back - we wanted to be back in Jordan's canyons. It was a struggle to go to work and get back into the boring old routine. Mind you - I expect you long for a bit of boring routine occasionally!
I wanted to write and thank you for making the charity challenge such a wonderful experience. I count the 9 days in Jordan as one of the best holidays of our life and we have been to many places. Much of that was down to your expertise, patience and knowledge. We saw and experienced so much more than we could possible have done if we'd been traveling on our own. For one thing, on our own we wouldn't have got up at 5 or 6 am - and so missed the best hours of the day and wasted so many hours.
Ever since we got back I have been remembering all the places we saw and history we learnt, trying to lock the memories into my head for ever. We tell everyone what a wonderful country Jordan is - recommending that they visit - and of course, look up your website!
Thank you for being a fantastic guide. I hope that we will be able to come back to Jordan someday - maybe when we're in our 70's, if we're still fit, as you seem to specialise in grandparents! You have great gifts and we wish you every success.
With best wishes from Nia and Mick.