Joanne & Dennis

Dear Yamaan,
Dennis and I have been home for a little over a week, and I have been meaning to write to thank you for the wonderful time you gave us while we were in Jordan with Stanford Travel.  Stanford always find the best guides, from our experience, and you were above and beyond the BEST!!
You have such a depth of knowledge and such a generosity of spirit in sharing information--AND answering questions, even when they are COMPILED for you in a fistful of papers!!  That was great opportunity for all of us, and you made it seem as though you enjoyed even that exercise!
I suppose like everyone else, we had heard so much about Petra beforehand, and seen so many photos, heard friends' (and our own children's') descriptions, but you absolutely have to be there to believe it!  And even then, it is mind-boggling and overwhelming.
Jordan is a beautiful country, and we wished we could have spent as much time there as we did in Egypt.  We left with a great longing to return.  So, we'll have to work on that!  As I think I told you, you reminded us of our own kids, who also are great outdoors adventurers (hiking, rock-climbing, kayaking, river-guiding, biking, mention a few of their passions!)--and we know they would have a wonderful time if they should ever have the opportunity to hook up with you in Jordan and go exploring.  Who knows......
I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful journey through your country; I know we saw only a tiny portion--but you certainly whetted our appetite for coming back for more!
All our best to you,