K Plum

I wanted to thank you again for EVERYTHING while we were in Jordan.  You really did make the trip amazing and you won hands down the favourite guide award on our trip!!  Everyone got compared to you and really what chance did they have?!?!  To be serious for a second, your knowledge and understanding of your home country is outstanding; your communication/social skills combined made it work perfectly.  You were the only one out of all the other guides/people we met along the way after Jordan that took the time & effort to learn everyones names besides mine which I noticed big time and later found out when we had our last dinner in Madrid so did everyone else!
Jordan also probably had about an 85% vote as their favourite place to visit on this trip so that is also due to you and the way you introduced us all to Jordan.  Morocco got a couple of votes there and Egypt got NIL!!  Jordan was so much more amazing than I expected with some spectacular scenery around every corner.  Petra was the highlight of my trip (sneezes and all) and I can wait to come back to see more.  Wadi Rum moved higher up my list of must sees now!!!
I think your passion for your job has motivated me a lot which I really needed!
K. Plum